Here are some web resources that are useful while learning and working with Ruby, HTML/CSS, Javascript, general programming, etc.

  • : A ruby console in the web. It runs version 1.8.7 so it can present some compatibility issues, but it's great for when you need to write and run a program on the fly.
  • Rubular: "a Ruby regular expression editor". From Socrates.
  • Mozilla Developer Network: a kickass collection of useless webdev resources and tutorials: HTML, CSS, APIs, DOM, etc.
  • : Holy shit there are so many of them.


  • Closures - a simple explanation: A closure is basically a function that is defined in one lexical scope and can be called in a completely different scope, even if the variables are themselves no longer in scope. Ruby and JavaScript both have them. Someone posted this in the DBC Facebook group and I thought it was interesting.


  • Coderbyte: Coderbyte is a collection of problems to test your skills in a number of languages. Conveniently for us, you can solve the problems in JavaScript or Ruby, as well as PHP, Java, C, C++ and Python. I used Coderbyte to practice and it helped a lot.
  • Project Euler: Like Coderbyte, but this one is more math focused. Very cool.
  • Rubeque: "Rubeque is a place to hone your Ruby skills by solving small Ruby problems while competing against other Rubyists."


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